My Puppy Forever!

Yesterday was Cody’s fourth birthday. Well, at least I think it was. I adopted him from our local shelter on October 9th and they said he was about two months old. So I decided that August 9th would be his birthday.

I remember the first day I saw him. My mom and I were so grief stricken over the sudden death of our beloved, purebred husky, Katie. We talked about getting an older dog and maybe a breed that was smaller than a husky. Then I called the shelter just to see what kind of dogs were available. They said that they had just brought in a litter of red and white husky mix puppies. I said, “We’ll be there in 45 minutes!” 

When we walked into the shelter, the puppies began to howl. The kennel worker put her hands over her ears, but to me, it was the sweetest music in the world. She explained that the puppies had not had much food and all of them were starving. Then she picked up one little fellow and said, “If we had gotten there 24 hours later, this one would have died.”

She put him into my arms. He was the skinniest pup I had ever seen. I could literally see every bone in his little 2 month old body. His neck was too scrawny for a puppy collar, so they gave him a kitty collar with a little tinkle bell. His enormous ears were all bitten up. The workers assumed the other puppies had driven him away from whatever food they had found. He had one blue eye and one brown, a typical coloration for huskies. 

I looked into those round eyes and I knew that he and I belonged together. Once the kennel worker put him into my arms, I never wanted to put him down. So I paid the adoption fee and walked out to the car with him. I named him Dakota, but it seemed like an awfully big name for such a little fellow. So I decided to call him Cody.

Looking at him today, it’s hard to imagine that he started off life this way. I guess it just goes to show what a little love can do!Image


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