I’m a Dog Mom

I’m a dog mom. When others share pictures of their children, I show pictures of my dog. When parents talk about their children taking ballet or karate, I talk about agility training. When my friends talk about making chocolate chip cookies for their kids, I talk about baking peanut butter bacon chip biscuits for my dog.

I created this dog lover’s blog for all of you dog parents out there. This is a place for us to post pictures of our dogs and brag about how cute, funny and smart they are. We can also talk about behavior issues  and learn dog training techniques.

If you just got a puppy and need training tips fast, here is an excellent resource for you. http://rapbank.com/go/5225/71322 How to Train Your Puppy This is a sponsored product, that I highly recommend. I do receive a small compensation from it.


2 thoughts on “I’m a Dog Mom

  1. Hi Dawn….This is a PERFECT fit for you. I wish you much success!! BTW…the pic of Cody is SO him…you know, REAL innocent! {wink, wink}

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